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About Scivena Scientific®

Experts in Anesthesia...Leaders in Service!

Scivena Scientific is a Oregon based manufacturer of inhalant anesthesia equipment.

Since 1993, Scivena Scientific has produced the highest quality anesthesia products with a focus on innovative products and safety for both the user and subjects.

We manufacture the anesthesia machines in our own state of the art facility. This allows us to control quality at the highest level.

Scivena Scientific brings the research community superior anesthesia solutions. We are committed to bringing you the very latest technology and the best made-in-the-USA equipment - all backed by the very best in support and service.. READ MORE

Some of Our Innovative Features:

  1. Pureline® oxygen concentrator technology - FREE oxygen from the air! Works with any anesthesia machine
  2. Patented safety pressure relief valve saves lives
  3. Properly flow rate balanced circuits for effective and ease of use
  4. Subject temperature control solutions. Warming surgery plates, holding blocks & blankets
  5. Oxygen flush flow rate restrictor for safety.
  6. Properly engineered waste gas evacuation systems.