RES500 Rat and Mouse Non-Rebreathing Circuit

RES500 (mouse) and RES 510 (rat) Non-Rebreathing Circuit

Coaxial body and nosecone design delivers fresh anesthetic gas while effectively removing waste anesthetic gases and preventing CO2 build-up in rodents from weanlings up to 400 grams.

Product Information

• Complete non-rebreathing circuit with coaxial body, facemask and
    adaptors included.
• 15mm Male adaptor for fresh gas supply.
• Use with either 19mm or 22mm EVAC tubing.
• Two facemask sizes available – 25mm and 38mm.
   o Coaxial body also compatible with most facemasks from other
• Replaceable pre-cut 12mil latex diaphragm helps prevent waste anesthesia
   gas escape.
   o Includes 10 replacement diaphragms.
    o Extra replacement diaphragms available
   (RES501 – Please specify 25mm or 38mm).
• Nosecone body and facemask can be cleaned and reused.
• Can be used with passive or active waste anesthesia gas systems when used
   with the Scivena Scientific® Waste Gas Interfaces (RES505 or EVC630).
  Extra replacement diaphragms available (RES501)
• MRI Compatible.

• Complete NRB circuit and small facemask – RES500
• Complete NRB circuit and medium facemask – RES510
• Small facemask (25mm) – RES503
• Medium Facemask (38mm) – RES504
• Mapleson-D body (no facemask included) – RES500-1
• Small facemask diaphragm replacement kit – RES501
• Medium facemask diaphragm replacement kit – RES502