Service and Tech Support Information

Service and Tech Support

How do I hook up oxygen to the anesthesia machine?

You can deliver oxygen to the anesthesia machine through:
• Oxygen tanks located on or near the machine. Either the smaller, portable E-tanks or the larger, H-tanks.
• Plumbed-in wall or ceiling lines that deliver oxygen through an outlet with quick disconnect near the anesthesia machine.
• Or choose a Scivena Scientific® anesthesia machine such as the M6000 with built-in oxygen concentrator that enables the machine to draw medical-grade oxygen
   from the air.

What if I have difficulty installing my machine?

Scivena Scientific®’s customer service technicians will be happy to help you through the installation process. You can contact us at (877) 615-5632 from 8am – 5pm PST or e-mail us at with a convenient time and we will contact you.

How often should I have my machine serviced?

We recommend contacting an Authorized Service Technician for routine service once a year. Find Service Technicians in your area here.

What is included in a routine service check?

The Service Technician will:
• Inspect the Rebreathing Head:
    • Inspect and, if necessary, replace any silicone seals
    • Inspect and replace the unit’s dome o-ring and downtube o-ring
    • Inspect the Pop-off Valve pressure
    • Re-zero the manometer, if needed
• Conduct a leak test of the high-pressure system
• Conduct a leak test of the low-pressure system
• Inspect the waste-gas interface device
• Adjust the Mechanical Stop Oxygen Flow Control Assembly, if needed
• Inspect all components for proper fit, alignment, adjustment, and operation
• Conduct a vaporizer output test using the Lamtec 605 infrared spectrophotometer or Riken Analysis
• Conduct a leak test of the vaporizer

How should I maintain the vaporizer?

Manufacturer recommendations on cleaning and calibration of your vaporizer will be specified upon purchase. Cleaning and calibration must be performed in a sterile environment and not in the field by a service technician. For a list of recommended and authorized vaporizer service companies, please click here LINK.

What if a part on my machine has been damaged and a service company will not be in my area for a while?

Scivena Scientific® anesthesia machines are designed for easy removal of parts and accessories. Each part can be removed simply by loosening one to two screws with an Allen wrench. If you need a new part immediately, our service department will be happy to overnight any part you may need so you can have your machine functioning the next business day.

How do I find a Scivena Scientific® authorized service technician?

You may either contact our Service department or click here for a list of Scivena Scientific® authorized service technicians.