Why Buy Scivena Scientific®?

Scivena Scientific® Anesthesia Innovations will bring you superior anesthesia solutions.

Scivena Scientific®, LLC anesthesia machines are designed with quality and safety as our top priorities. Precise manufacturing in our state of the art facility guarantees quality control and value to our customers. From the beginning, Scivena Scientific®,LLC formerly LEI Medical, has been a leader in designing and building veterinary anesthesia equipment that is safe for patients, easy to operate, and extremely reliable. The new products we have developed—as well as new technologies under development—are so advanced, yet so simple to operate, we believe they will change the way anesthesia is delivered. We are committed to always bringing you the very best in made-in-the-USA equipment, backed by the very best in service.

Some of Our Innovative Features:

  • Oxygen concentrator technology
  • Patented safety pressure relief valve
  • Balanced flow diverter system
  • Temperature control devices
  • Oxygen flush restrictor for safety
  • Effectively balanced waste gas evacuation systmes

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our products and serve our customers better. Please contact us if you have any specific anesthesia needs that you cannot find within our current product offering, if you have any questions about our products, or if you would like to give us any feedback.